Livestream - Worship Symphony 2022

Worship Symphony 2022 | Livestream


We offer our live stream for free because we want to reach as many people as possible with the message for peace and our music.
We are very grateful for donations that help us to bear the high production costs for the concert and the live stream.
The recordings will be available for another 10 days after the concert.

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It is important to us to do our best for the glory of God. With our work we support musicians, songwriters, young talents, but also churches in their efforts to make old and modern worship music accessible to many people. An amalgamation not only of different generations, but also of different styles and liturgies. We want to live and promote the unity of the body of Christ in our country and beyond.

The supporting association of the Worship Symphony, the CMKA e.V. (Christian Music and Art Academy e.V.) is a non-profit association that promotes art and culture as well as education and training. 

Thank you very much for any financial support!


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